WE DO NOT ASK anyone to give. Support your local Church, Help those truly in need. Just as God freely gave us His son as a sacrifice and Jesus Provided His life on the cross, shedding His blood that whoever will receive Him as Lord and Savior will be Saved. THE GREATIST GIFT OF ALL!!

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.
A. Open Door ministries Inc. is an incorporated, (1980), not for profit, Christian New Testament church &Evangelistic
Association with a deep commitment to reach the world for Christ through evangelism, Preaching of God's word, discipleship, establishing independent Christian congregations, the printed word and all forms of media available to faithfully carry out The Lord's
command as stated in Matt: 28: 19,20.

B. We are a New Testament Church PREACHING THE CROSS. WE are not affiliated with any denomination or organized fellowship and shall always remain independent. We are simply Christians! Open Door Ministries Inc. cannot and will not endorse the radical theories and dogmas which are set forth by many of the denominational and nondenominational sects of today which only tend to split and divide God's people. We are willing to fellowship Churches and Christian people who are contending for the faith, love and principles as set forth in the New Covenant. But we cannot and will not endorse or set our approval upon the radical teachings which split the body of Christ.

C. We come together to praise and worship, proclaim salvation, discipleship, (the study and teaching of the word of God.) that we may mature in our ability to teach others and to apply the teachings of God to our daily lives to be an example to others.

D. Each and all churches and Fellowships affiliated with Open Door Ministries Inc. shall be independent, self-governing, own their own property, choose their own name and call their own Pastors and Elders as God may direct.

E. All churches and Fellowships associated with Open Door Ministries shall have absolute authority to govern their own affairs. Each Minister to carry out his own individual vision as God directs.

No one affiliated with Open Door Ministries Inc., Directors, Officers, staff, individual or volunteers receive any monetary compensation of any kind for their participation in Open Door Ministries Inc.
     1. Any and all monies that may be received is by unsolicited free will donations only and shall only be used to cover overhead of office space, supplies, utilities, and equipment related services to maintain the same. All costs shall be in keeping of good stewardship.