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                                                                  “LET'S TALK ABOUT IT”
 Why It Is So Important To Understand How The Bible Defines Sin?
The Consequences of Sin!
The twin subjects of sin and salvation are the fabric the Bible is woven out of which
should tell us how crucially important the subjects are. Something
the prophet Isaiah said should give us a clue. In his words ... "...
your iniquities have separated you and your God; and your sins have hidden
His face fromyou, so that He will not hear"
(Isaiah 59:2).
Paul was even more blunt stating "For the wages of sin is death "
(Romans 6:23)
(Please Note: this means literally “NATO” means a literal death,
in Greek.
In other words, ALL sin carries the death penalty. The animal sacrifices
of the Old Testament were a vivid reminder that God demanded death as
a punishment for every wrongdoing. Because atonement for sin is only
made by shedding of blood, the animal functioned as a substitute for
the offender, and bore the punishment of the person who had sinned.
The consequences of sin have not changed since Old Testament days - you
sin... you die! The only difference is that justice is not immediate
like it used to be. But nonetheless it is certain. However, whether
we pay the ultimate price for our sins or whether we obtain
forgiveness for them is up to us. God in His infinite mercy sent His
Son to pay the price for us. As the ancient prophet wrote
... He was pierced through for our transgressions (Heb. Him, And by His scourging we are healed. (Isaiah 53:5 ).
 Note.Unfortunately, verses like Isaiah 53:5, John 1:29, Romans 5:18 etc,
have sometimes been taken to mean that Christ's death on the cross
provides atonement for sin and redemption for all humanity. This
regardless of whether they have repented of their sins, trusted in
Christ for salvation etc. Unfortunately this belief can be assigned
to the wishful thinking category. Need
to see universalism.
If you think the Bible seems too harsh when it says that all sin merits
death, You need for a few moments to set back and think about it,
envision a world without sin - without transgression of God's laws
which, by the way, is God's plan for the world .. also called Heaven.
Imagining A World Without Sin
What would it be like to never have to worry about the safety of our children,
and never have to lock the doors to our homes or cars. A young or
older woman could walk home late in the evening and know she would
get there safely. Pornography would not exist. There would have been
no Election disasters, no government disasters. What would it be like
if politicians and used car salesmen told nothing but the truth?
Children would be raised in the security of two parents who are
committed to one another and taught Biblical truths in our homes and
our schools,parents would take responsibility for their children's
proper instruction, What are children watching, talking about,
reading about? be involved with our educational system and not let
our educational system poison their brains. It is called brain washed.
Be involved with what they are watching on television phones and
computers The question beggars to be asked, Would children and young
people be killing each other? the weapon doesn't pull it's own
trigger! As a boy raised in the country we were taught that guns
were a necessary tool that is needed for hunting and protection and
how to handle them responsibility. The word of God states that as
parents we are responsible to God to teach and instruct our Children.
Proverbs 22: 6.
While there is little doubt that some crimes arise out of need and
desperation, the vast amounts of funds we would save on our police
force, judiciary, armed forces and related organizations would ensure
that no one would be in want. Are we getting the picture yet? “Let's think and pray about it”
The Bible has the answer after all.
But how can a tiny infraction deserve death? Lets look at it this way...
Where does one draw the line between a 'big' sin and a 'small' one? If I as a 'friend' of yours, walked away with a paper clip from your desk you probably would not consider it theft. If you thought about it at all, you would probably conclude that I needed a paper clip for some reason and dismiss it. If I walked away with a five-dollar bill you would probably look at me but may look the other way. However if I actually walked away with $100 you would probably jump up and down.
So where shall we draw the line between a paper clip and a hundred dollar bill? At a penny? A dime? A nice pen?
And how much are you willing to believe, if asked, ten people would give ten different answers. And how much more would you be willing to believe that (sooner, rather than later) some one will eventually come to the conclusion that the thief is a victim of social / cultural/psychological circumstances and should see a psychologist, instead of being punished.
Back to what is the truth, Besides which, cultures and people across the globe have different standards.…
 So whose standard shall we judge by?  GOD'S
God made it simple. He set the standard... He said "no sin".