WE DO NOT ASK anyone to give. Support your local Church, Help those truly in need. Just as God freely gave us His son as a sacrifice and Jesus Provided His life on the cross, shedding His blood that whoever will receive Him as Lord and Savior will be Saved. THE GREATIST GIFT OF ALL!!
                          Please remember the following requests in your prayers.
 Margaret Richardson,   is suffering from Alzheimer's is now in a nursing home in Fort Myers,fl.. Please continue to  keep her in prayer.   
We have three prayer requests from David Grace from First Church of God in Mitchell Indiana.
Randy and Sandy Cobbe, ( I hope i got their last name right)..Both have covid and are in the hospital Sandy has lung problems that covid has caused complications. Randy along with covid has a infection in his leg to complicate his recovery.
Mickie has covid and is pregnant also. 
Please continue to pray for the First Church of God in Mitchell, Indiana
 Fort Myers fl.
 Please continue to pray for Ruth. she is recovering from covid, and she is weak, having gone through radiation and chemo about a year earlier and for cancer but she is weak yet from all this.
LET US SERIOUSLY BE IN CONTINUOUS PRAYER FOR OUR COUNTRY.  WE ARE FACING DANGEROUS DAYS AND MONTHS AHEAD. Forces with great wealth and power are attempting to change thiis country from a Republic of the people to a Socialist, communist country. Pray for Ukraine and the people there. Many innocent people  have died. Pray for the Russian citizens that are protesting this at risk of imprisonment. MANY FORCES ARE TRYING TO OVERTHROW NOT ONLY AMERICA BUT THE Governments OF THE WORLD. ALL THE SIGNS ARE RAPIDLY FALLING INTO PLACE THAT OUR LORD AND HIS APOSTLES SPOKE ABOUT.
  Note..  , please update us your prayer requests. We will be praying for them at our worship services, also and asking our congregation to pray for all of you each day. 
We are praying in accordance with the Word of God. WE shall continue to pray daily.
God Bless, Prayer Team
Please Note; please inform us if we have a request to be removed. Bless you. Prayer team.